Paid Marketing Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Paid Marketing / Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Paid marketing is also knows as Pay per Click (PPC) or Search Engines Marketing (SEM) which is happening over different online channels like Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any other media buying channels where actually a client has to pay first to buy the desired media for their brand or products or services.
Initially Paid marketing or SEM was usually considered for Google ad words but with increasing internet penetration and availability of other media buying platform in market everybody makes their platform paid as they are charging to drive quality traffic.

What is SEM actually and why you need Paid Marketing?

SEM is actually one of effective internet marketing module where people buys media by paying different search engine platforms on bidding on their choose keywords and to drive immediate results on their websites or mobile applications.

Brands prefers and spare separate budgets to spend on Paid channels because they understand and know effectiveness of these channels because here like SEO a brand need not to wait for 6-8 months because you bid on the keywords and attracts immediate customer base. Paid results always appear on the top of the search engines queries and there are 90% chances a customer clicks on the top results and engage with them rather than those who appear on the bottom or different other positions.

  • Strategies for social media listening and building a social brand value.
  • Audience engagement strategies, we help brands to engage with their users real time.
  • Based on client requirements and data insights, a detailed strategies and action plans will be defined.
  • A team of digital marketing experiences will help designing digital strategy and a worthy plan further.

Why Choose ADZ Junction for SEM or Paid Marketing Channels?

We at ADZ Junction are having professionals which are Google Adword certified and masters in helping brands to drive effective results for them. Furthermore, why to choose us: –

  • Brand, Product & Services analysis.
  • Paid marketing strategy to lower down the cost.
  • Keyword analysis, competitive analysis.
  • Paid marketing platform selection.
  • Automation of Campaigns, setting up their budgets and right consumption.
  • Setting up E-commerce paid marketing campaigns rather than normal CPC Campaigns.
  • Proper tracking of every click, every penny spent on campaign to identify the results.
  • Identification of paid marketing platform as per product and services (Google Ads, Bing Ads,Facebook Ads, Social media platform ads, Mobile store advertising and many more paid marketing platforms).
  • Location based ads, interest based ads, behavioural ads.

How should an effective Paid Marketing or Paid Ads work actually?

  • Goals – Setting up an end goal to reach results.
  • Audience – Identification of relevant audiences i.e. Men/Women, Young/Old, Urban/Rural, Online Shoppers/Travellers, Business Owners and strategies to acquire them.
  • Platform Selection – Identification of advertising platform based on your selected and identified audiences.
  • Budget Allocation – Allocation of budget as per different platform and to use that budget effectively to save cost and drive more results.
  • Research – Research of competition, research of platforms, research of audience needs, research of product and services in market and research should not limits.
  • Experiment – Don’t stop doing experiments and tastings, you never know which trick or strategy performs well.
  • Optimisation – Always keep optimising the campaigns based on insights to have better results and low cost.

Myths about SEM or Paid Marketing?

People says Paid marketing is always paid and cost business while SEO is FREE but when you actually knows and understand the SEO process then you will come to know that its not free actually because SEO takes time, efforts and that is directly linked with the money and for RESULTs actually you need to again wait for a long time duration. While if we talk about PPC then it is an instant source to drive traffic and results to your online portals and even at times if you are well experienced Paid marketer then your campaigns starts in a span of half an hour only. So, don’t be in a sense that it is paid and will cost you more but at the same time it will give you desired results in short span of time which will help your business to spread quickly in the market.

Key components of Paid marketing: –

  • Keyword analysis and selection.
  • Ad copies and ad campaigns.
  • Budget selections.
  • Campaign optimisation.
  • Accurate tracking of campaigns.
  • ROI achievement.

Reach us our Google Adword and Paid marketing specialist to have insights on how to make your ads more effective with low bidding and high returns. Our Paid marketer will help you in bringing your SEM cost on lower side, hit them us at –

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