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How Effective is SEO for Website Ranking!

How Effective is SEO for Website Ranking!

Before understanding of importance of SEO in Digital marketing, we need to understand what actually is SEO and Digital Marketing.

Lets go ahead with the understanding of Digital Marketing first. Digital marketing or internet marketing is the same things where we advertise our product or services on internet and try to reach and attract more and more customers over internet. This includes having a website or mobile application and then to advertise those web portals and to boost them, so when a user is searching for relevant or the services your brand is providing then we can be on the top of search engine result pages.

This further includes not only limited to put content on website or mobile application but to compete with current digital marketing techniques, one need to be actively doing activities on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram to attract more and more customers.

There are different type of digital marketing which we need to have in our procedure to boost our business online and some of them are: –

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • And few more.

Every type is having their own importance to have a successful digital marketing strategies, so when we talk about to have a great successful digital marketing process to the system then we cannot exclude any of the above steps else will be struggling to reach to the success we are aiming for.

Let’s discuss one of main pillar of Digital marketing i.e. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is a process of getting traffic or users o your website organically which we can say without spending money on any other marketing services. But to get more and more traffic and to be on top of the results there are so many procedures and tricks we need to follow which will make our portal on top of search engine result pages.

How SEO Typically Works?

SEO is broadly categorize in two parts which are:-

1.On-Page SEO:-

On-page SEO is a process which focus on internal website optimization and improving website rankings.

 2. Off-Page SEO:-

Off-page SEO major focus is to build links and reputation outside the website part and to bring quality users focusing on other external factors of the process.

On-Page SEO and their understandings:-

Keyword Optimization:- Keyword plays and important role in SEO as these are the words which makes a web portal search and to give more options to user to search the content which they are looking for their queries. And to understand the importance of keywords we also need to understand that we must not have repetition of same keywords or keyword phrases in content which will lead to poor user experience. This is also not encouraging by Google as well and rather appreciate to use semantic keywords to have more effectiveness.

Site Errors: – Another major factor is SEO is to fix all the error which creates a bad user experience or errors in google algorithm as well. So, in order to reach to the top, we must need to fix all our website errors Google thoroughly studies our portals and figure out the different minor and major errors in our website and that will hard our overall ranking. Errors like duplicate pages, duplicate keywords, half redirects, broken pages etc makes a poor ranking of pages. We must ensure to a time to time site audit to fix all the errors and fix them.

Mobile Optimised Portals: – This is smart phone world and everybody is accessing websites on mobile phones. So, we cannot lose having a portal which is not accessible on mobile phones properly and user will be irritated and will straightway reject the portal on same time and will share negative experience which will harm our website reputation and will lose our ranking on search engine rankings. Mobile optimization is a mandatory aspect in SEO process from Googles perspective and they have officially introduced in starting of 2015 that a web portal must have mobile optimized in order to get a good ranking on search engines results.

So, to get good rankings on mobile results as well, we need to have a good and user friendly mobile version which will give a good user experience like it loads well and quickly, easy to navigate and it is having a mobile application then it will be an add on to rank well on the result pages.

 Content Optimization: – Content plays a very important role in SEO or you can say it is actually a key one to decide a good ranking on search engines. Content should be relevant, easy and fresh for website which gives correct information what your company is selling, what kind of products you are having and their detailed information.

Content is actually the foundation of any website and a leading element which decides whether user can stay on your portal or not and once a user landed and spend some time on website then you can actually play with that user and can lead them to move on different pages of website. This will help to have a good page sessions and site visits and will give a good impression in google algorithm and that leads to be a good ranking on website.

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